Spa etiquette at Strömstad Spa & Resort.


We would like our spa to be relaxing, stress-free and a good experience for all our guests. Many people are searching for the feeling of harmony and want to get away from everyday’s duties. Make sure you contribute to a good experience for yourself and everyone else.

Help us by following these guidelines:

  • We leave these items behind before entering the spa:
    Mobile phones – cameras – private beverages – baby strollers
  • Shower without clothes before entering the spa area.
  • Wear proper swimwear (swimsuit, bikini, burkini, bathing trunks)
  • Floors may be wet and slippery. Pay attention when walking around.
  • The spa is a quiet area. Please respect that.
  • Jumping and diving is not allowed.
  • Please respect all other guests. Limit your time and make room for others.
  • When visiting a sauna, please sit on a towel.
  • Place used towels in the marked baskets.
  • Make sure you hydrate yourself by drinking while in the spa.
  • Pay attention to the environment. Re-use bathrobe and towels.

All staff at Strömstad Spa & Resort thank you for your cooperation.