Our Yacht Marina is open

Dear guest!
Our marina featuring to piers and a total of 42 boat spaces is open, but as a consequence of the pandemic we’re in negotiations with the landlord. Therefore our resort is paused during the summer and temporarily closed until further notice.

That is why we offer special prices in the marina during the summer.

Strömstad Spa & Resort Yacht Marina is our own private harbour featuring to piers and a total of 42 boat bearths. The marina is located directly in front of the hotel and the city centre of Strömstad is easily accessible, and so is our next door neighbours the nature reserve Nötholme and Strömstad golf course.

A warm welcome to Strömstad Spa & Resort, half way between Gothenburg and Oslo.

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Strömstad Spa & Resort Marina  2022 fee/dygn:

All bearths can be pre-booked via Dockspot, these must be booked before 24:00. On the same day, a ticket is purchased at the vending machine at Brygga 1.

NOTE! Our berths may not be rented for commercial activities.

Period/boat lenght 0–12m 12.1-14m 14.1–16m 16.1–18m 18m
330 SEK 390 SEK  490 SEK 630 SEK On request

Electricity/water: Included
Toilet & shower facilities:Included, toilet is located by the sun deck and shower + toilet is located by the Tesla charger opposite the main entrance of the hotel.


Spring and autumn fees, price per period.

Period >12m <12m
5/4-24/5 3000 SEK 4000 SEK
8/8 – 9/10 4000 SEK 5500 SEK

The place must be vacated no later than 12:00 the 24/5 or 9/10

Winter spaces, price per period.

Period >12m <12m
9/10-22 till 1/4-23 10000 SEK 11500 SEK

Electricity fee is added according to electricity meters. Bubble facility offers an ice-free port as far as possible with regard to the weather conditions.

If you’d like to book a spring, autumn or winter place, contact us by e-mail or