We Care

At Strömstad Spa & Resort we constantly strive to develop our environmental efforts at make sustainable choices. We wish you a hearty and warm welcome to us. Together we can make a difference.

We care!

As our guest you may contribute by:


  • Recycling waste at the stations in our common areas.
  • Not throwing bottles in the bins. Put them next to the bin, and we deliver them to recycling.
  • Turning off the water while brushing your teeth or shaving.
  • Turning off the light on leaving your room.
  • Removing your chargers from the socket when done.
  • Using your towels several times.


  • Heat all rooms and pools using ocean water heating.
  • Utilise fossile free electricity.
  • Always choose LED lighting when possible.
  • Choose local produce from local producers.
  • Sort all our waste for recycling purposes.
  • Arrive at business meetings by public transportation. When not, we co-drive.
  • Weigh our food waste and share information with colleagues to reduce the amount.
  • Buy ecological and fairtrade beverages.
  • Purchase organic beer on 1000 litre tanks to reduce freight of bottles.
  • Have listed all dangerous fluids and treat them according to instructions.
  • Are in the process of replacing all disposables with re-usable products.
  • Engage in a project testing out re-use of oil from the kitchen for other purposes.
  • Participate in cleaning local beaches.
  • Support organisations like Burn Cancer, Helping Hand and Unicef.
  • Sell jewellery, armbands and key chains for the benefit of Edblad, Helping Hand and Unicef – and cooperate with Realstars – Hotels against trafficking.
  • Serve fairtrade marked coffee.
  • Use mostly ecological milk products and eggs.
  • Engage in a project with the Swedish church to collect Christmas gifts for families and children in need of extra support.